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Testimonial – Sarnia Sting

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Beek’s Reek-Out® was introduced to me in July 2008 as a product designed for sports equipment and locker room odor control. As the Athletic Therapist and Equipment Manager for the Sarnia Sting Hockey Club I have used Beek’s Reek-Out® not throughout the course of this season with tremendous success. I have found that Beek’s Reek-Out® not only controls equipment and locker room odor but also improves personal hygiene. Equipment holds a fresh scent that makes it more pleasant to wear and handle. Players smell better because they no longer carry the “sports”odor from their equipment on their skin. Incidents of skin rashes and infections have decreased. Beek’s Reek-Out® has met the needs of my team. Glen Kinney Athletic Therapist/Equipment Manager Sarnia Sting Hockey Club