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Testimonial – Ron de Jong

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Thank you for making such a game changer laundry detergent! I have been a jersey parent for my son’s teams for years. As we both know, those jersey’s get smellier and smellier as the boys get older. My son plays Bantam A and is in his minor year. Lots of sweat and odor! I’ve used many detergents over the years in the attempt to get my son’s gear, dry-fit base layer and the team’s jerseys washed to satisfaction. It always came up short but the laundry needed to be done no matter what. When I noticed your new laundry product was listed on the website when re-ordering your amazing spray, I had to give it a shot. When I received the package with my prized spray and new detergent, I wasted no time in getting Beek’s Game-Out® detergent to work. First, the smell of the detergent was very pleasing with a wonderful citrus/mint …