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Testimonial – London Knights

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Thanks for introducing me to this product. I have tried many products and Beek’s Reek-Out® is the only one that does what it claims, eliminate the smell of hockey gear. It’s true. This product doesn’t “cover up” the smell with a perfume, but actually gets it OUT. I pride myself on having a clean smelling locker room and this product has been an essential and economical way to manage this task. It’s nice to find a product that makes “my office”, the locker room, a better place to be. Chris Maton Equipment Manager London Knights

Testimonial – Ron de Jong

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Thank you for making such a game changer laundry detergent! I have been a jersey parent for my son’s teams for years. As we both know, those jersey’s get smellier and smellier as the boys get older. My son plays Bantam A and is in his minor year. Lots of sweat and odor! I’ve used many detergents over the years in the attempt to get my son’s gear, dry-fit base layer and the team’s jerseys washed to satisfaction. It always came up short but the laundry needed to be done no matter what. When I noticed your new laundry product was listed on the website when re-ordering your amazing spray, I had to give it a shot. When I received the package with my prized spray and new detergent, I wasted no time in getting Beek’s Game-Out® detergent to work. First, the smell of the detergent was very pleasing with a wonderful citrus/mint …

Testimonial – Washington Redskins

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It has always been an on-going battle to keep a locker room odor-free, particularly during training camp. Nothing detracts more when entering a work space than to be hit with the smell of perspiration-laden equipment. We were one of the first professional football teams to test Reek-Out®. And once we did, our fight with locker room odor ended. We treat the locker room following every practice. Reek-Out® provides us with an invaluable aid: Reek-Out® is now a permanent fixture in our daily maintenance operation. Brad Berlin Equipment Manager Washington Redskins

Testimonial – Sarnia Sting

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Beek’s Reek-Out® was introduced to me in July 2008 as a product designed for sports equipment and locker room odor control. As the Athletic Therapist and Equipment Manager for the Sarnia Sting Hockey Club I have used Beek’s Reek-Out® not throughout the course of this season with tremendous success. I have found that Beek’s Reek-Out® not only controls equipment and locker room odor but also improves personal hygiene. Equipment holds a fresh scent that makes it more pleasant to wear and handle. Players smell better because they no longer carry the “sports”odor from their equipment on their skin. Incidents of skin rashes and infections have decreased. Beek’s Reek-Out® has met the needs of my team. Glen Kinney Athletic Therapist/Equipment Manager Sarnia Sting Hockey Club

Testimonial – UMass Lowell

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Beek’s Reek-Out® is a great product for eliminating odor from hockey gear and locker rooms. After consistently using Beek’s Reek-Out® over the course of a couple weeks there was a clear difference in our locker room. The added bonus of it working as a disinfectant is important to our players’ health. As long as it is used consistently, Beek’s Reek-Out® is a great product for effectively eliminating odor from hockey gear and locker rooms. Sean Patno Equipment Manager UMass Lowell Hockey

Testimonial – Red Wings

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Thank you for introducing me to Beek’s REEK-OUT Pro®. It’s been one of the tools in managing the smell that inevitably comes from the intense use of hockey gear by our pros. Especially on those pieces of equipment that can be difficult to wash like gloves and skates. I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but I’m pleased to report that it really is effective in eliminating the odor that comes from sweat and continued use. It’s lasting effects have been a nice bonus. It makes the locker and equipment rooms nicer places to be. And it’s been a great tool to have on the road, when I don’t have the benefit of the Red Wings facilities. Opening the bags when coming off those long road trips isn’t quite the “kick in the face” it use to be. Thanks for that! Paul Boyer Head Equipment Manager Detroit Red Wings