Reek-Out 32oz Spray

Reek-Out® 32oz Spray

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Reek-Out® Pro 32oz – The smart size for heavily used gear and shoes, multiple athletes, or lots of equipment. More Info…

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Product Description

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Beek’s Reek-Out® Pro was brought to market by a Pro, Pat Verbeek, who is a 20 year veteran of the National Hockey League. He saw the need for a product that would eliminate odor in the toughest environment of all, professional sports. Beek’s Reek-Out® Pro is uniquely designed to eliminate odor by changing the molecular structure of the odor molecule, thereby rendering it odor free, permanently. Odor won’t return unless it’s re-introduced. And there are health implications as well, because Reek-Out® is proven to kill harmful germs, germs that can be a source of potential illness. And it’s not just for sports gear. Use it with confidence in your auto, on smoke, mold & mildew, Pet odors, skunk, urine, food odors or any decaying organic matter.

How to Use

For the best results in keeping odors out of your shoes, equipment and clothing, use in concert with Game-Out® Pro Laundry Detergent. For Reek-Out® Pro to be most effective, treat shoes and equipment when new, before use for best results. Then afterward, or for used shoes and equipment, apply after use, when wet with perspiration. The moisture will help Reek-Out® get deeper into the padding and leather where odor causing bacteria love to hang out. Professional hockey teams have found that they need to only treat about every sixth use.

Directions for Use:

  1. Spray all absorbent areas. Do not saturate. Allow to dry.
  2. Allow sufficient time for product to work. Beek’s Reek-Out® Pro continues to work long after applied.
  3. Reapplication may be necessary for well used items.
  4. Re-treat when odors are re-introduced.

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1 review for Reek-Out® 32oz Spray

  1. Paul Boyer
    5 out of 5


    Thank you for introducing me to Beek’s REEK-OUT Pro®. It’s been one of the tools in managing the smell that inevitably comes from the intense use of hockey gear by our pros. Especially on those pieces of equipment that can be difficult to wash like gloves and skates. I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but I’m pleased to report that it really is effective in eliminating the odor that comes from sweat and continued use. It’s lasting effects have been a nice bonus.

    It makes the locker and equipment rooms nicer places to be. And it’s been a great tool to have on the road, when I don’t have the benefit of the Red Wings facilities. Opening the bags when coming off those long road trips isn’t quite the “kick in the face” it use to be. Thanks for that!

    Paul Boyer

    Head Equipment Manager
    Detroit Red Wings

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