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Odor Elimination & Removal

Game-Out Reek-Out Pro

Game-Out Reek-Out is the original chemical product and best seller of Game-Out Solutions. It is an odor eliminating and anti-microbial spray that can be used on laundry carts, lockers, shoulder pads, helmet liners, gloves, shoes, and nearly any object that has the tendency to retain odors. Game-Out Reek-Out does not mask odors, but rather eliminates strong athletic odors by effectively changing the molecular structure of the odors. Game-Out Reek-Out is a key chemical present in the Game-Out spray bottle stain station that is provided at all installs.

Laundry Detergent

Game-Out Laundry Detergent

Game-Out Detergent (engineered for sports) is a solvent based detergent that is designed to remove heavy soil and hard staining on athletic fabrics. The active solvent is used to remove adhesives such as field paint, eye black, pine tar, make up, ink, and other common and not so common athletic stains. Game-Out Sports Detergent has a slight citrus smell by nature, but has 0% added fragrance.

Wicking & Fabric Finishing

Wick N' Soft

Wick N' Soft is a GAME CHANGER for Home Use. Patented Technology only available from from Game-Out Solutions LLC. A fabric finisher that maintains new fabrics and rejuvenates old fabrics to original moisture wicking capabilities for Nylon, Polyester, Lycra, Condura, Spandex, Neoprene and Cotton. It softens fabrics without the presence of detrimental fabric softeners commonly used today. Wick N' Soft reduces drying time by 20-45%,reduces lint and its anti-static properties are sure to be noticed on the first wash! Wick N' Soft is used as a laundry finisher, this product's amazing scent leaves your laundry smelling fresh and clean.

Why Choose Game-Out Solutions?

Game-Out Solutions prides itself in being a customer-service centric organization. It’s our mission, our continual commitment, to work with our customers to get real-world solutions to their unique problems that sets us apart. Through laboratory and field research, we pride ourselves in delivering cutting-edge technology that addresses the tough problems in the laundry business. Especially the new issues associated with today’s evolving tech fabrics.

Pat Verbeek

Founded by 2-Time NHL All-Star & Stanley Cup Champion Pat Verbeek

Pat Verbeek is a 20 year veteran of the NHL. Tapped multiple times an NHL All-Star, he was known as a prolific goal scorer - scoring over 25 goals in each of 10 seasons - eight of those with over 30 goals and four of which he scored over 40 goals. He brought his tough farming work ethic to not only the NHL but to all his endeavors. He was a feisty player, and enigmatically lead his team in goals and penalty minutes twice, earning him the original moniker of “The Little Ball of Hate”. He won the Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars in 1999, played on numerous National teams, and has won at the international level both as a player as well as management. He went on to work with The Detroit Red Wings as a Pro Scout and then moved to the Tampa Bay Lightning where he has been since 2010, serving as Assistant General Manager and Director of Player Personnel. The Lightning have advanced twice to the conference finals and once to the Stanley Cup finals in his tenure.

Needless to say, he understands the persistence and work ethic necessary to achieve goals. There is no substitute for hard work. And he has brought this practice to his personal company after his professional play led him to first, scouting. Being in the locker room was not a pleasant experience from an odor standpoint. He realized that there was a huge opportunity if you could find a way to control and ideally eliminate the odor. And Reek-Out was born and has found it’s way into the hearts of trainers and the locker rooms of the NHL, NFL, and NCAA teams as well as our military and other government institutions.

We believe that it is the team approach that makes us successful. Because like our founder, we work with you to achieve a goal. Your goal is our goal. And we won’t stop until we make it happen.