Our Story

GameOut Solutions prides itself in being a customer-service centric organization. It’s our mission, our continual commitment, to work with our customers to get real-world solutions to their unique problems that sets us apart. Through laboratory and field research, we pride ourselves in delivering cutting-edge technology that addresses the tough problems in the laundry business. Especially the new issues associated with today’s evolving tech fabrics.

Established in 2008 as Verbeek Distributors to initially address the exclusive problems associated with controlling equipment-related sports odor in the locker-room, ReekOut became the flag-ship product. The company’s focus quickly expanded to solve the evident stain and odor control problems within the laundry itself, which in turn led to research and development of innovative, patented products that address the unique issues associated with high tech sports fabrics.

It became clear that the cleaning and odor issues that plagued the sports industry also had immediate applications to the entire laundry industry. New products such as GameOut Laundry detergent, which delivers superior stain and odor removal, and ReJoov and Wick-n- Soft, which finish fabrics to keep them soft and absorbent while allowing them to retain their wicking properties, had many benefits that would immediately improve the bottom line in industrial and institutional laundry facilities across the nation. These innovations have led to the realization of savings in time, labor, energy, equipment wear and tear and even capital expenditures.

And this is just the beginning...