Reek-Out Pro Hockey

Wipes Tough Odors Out!

Reek-Out Pro® is an odor eliminator. It eliminates odors and prevents them from returning unlike the competition. Reek-Out Pro® works on ALL ODOR CAUSING BACTERIA.

  • Made In USA
  • Eco-Friendly

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Not Like Typical Air Fresheners

Most odor eliminators are made out of sugar cavities. These cavities have to contact the malodors which provide temporary air freshening, but the odor returns.

Why Does Odor Return?

As the sugar cavity breaks down due to heat or moisture, the malodors are released back into the air.

Why It Works

Reek-Out Pro seeks out, attaches to, and creates a permanent bond with the malodor.

True Molecular Restructuring

Once attached Reek-Out Pro alters the molecular structure of the malodor, permanently eliminating the odor.